Makeup Artist Liren Neo


Photos showcasing the magic of Liren’s makeup

As a bridal makeup artist, Liren's philosophy is to bring out the natural beauty of every woman. Liren has experience with various types of face shapes and contours as well as eye enhancement adjustments and will definitely bring out the beauty hidden within you.

Thus, Liren's repertoire of makeup kits are all naturally coloured ones to enhance a person's natural features through both macroscopic and microscopic analysis of a person's face. Liren does not believe that concealers are a must and that there is no such thing as a standard operating procedure when it comes to makeup.

Rather, she is of the philosophy that makeup artists must utilize a unique combination of having a masterful eye, skilful hands, and a sharp mind with a resilient and cheerful personality that strives for perfection. Via Estee Lauder's line of M.A.C cosmetic products, Liren's 'less is more' ideals have led to thousands of beautiful and happy clients.

Till today, Liren still teaches makeup courses to amateurs and veterans alike as well as aspiring makeup artists. Despite her success, she refuses to become complacent and still approaches every client with the same enthusiasm and zeal that she had when she first started painting faces years ago.

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Makeup Artist Liren Neo is part of a rare breed of Professional Makeup Artist Consultant in Singapore whose philosophy is all about bringing out every woman’s natural beauty through makeup.


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